Grim Battlebeard

Hill Dwarf Cleric Acolyte of Pelor


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Hill Dwarf Cleric – Level 3
Domains – Life
AC – 19
HP – 29

Saving Throws – Wisdom +4, Charisma +?

Str – 17
Dex – ?
Con – ?
Int – ?
Wis – 19
Cha – ?

Trained Skills
Insight – +6, Medicine – +6, Persuasion – , Relgion -


  • Warhammer


  • +1 Chain mail
  • Shield

Grim and his best friend Dain presented from a young age great clerical powers. They were sent to the Acolytes of Light to train, which was a great honor among any of the Dwarven clans. After arriving it was not long until Grim and Dain were the star pupils. As time went on Grim and Dain started spending less and less time together. Grim could not comprehend how he had grown so far apart from Dain they had been best friends from birth!
One night Grim was walking the hallways he felt a shiver go down his spine and that something was not right. He followed the sense of dread down corridor of hallways to a dead-end, but there was this nagging sense that something was not right. As Grim touched the end of the hallway the illusion dispelled revealing a door he has never seen before. Opening the door he followed the spiraling walkway down, which led to a chamber. There were several dark robed figure chanting to Vecna. Grim saw his friend Dain in the center and 1 of the dark robed figures was standing over him hold the dagger high in the air with both hands and…
Grim shouted in the name of Pelor begone from this place foul heathens. How dare you defile sanctity of Acolytes of Light. The dark robed figures raised their daggers and charged at Grim. Grim drew his warhammer crushing anyone in his path, no one would stop him from saving Dain! After dispatching the last robe figured Grim noticed that each person he had killed was an Acolyte of Light! Grim turned to help Dain who was now standing in front of him, but something did not seem right. Looking down he touched his chest and his hand was covered in blood. This could not be Dain, he would never do this! Why DAIN!
Dain’s replied I tried to help you, but you wouldn’t listen to me Grim. Acolytes of Light are feeble and weak, but Vecna has granted me real power. I am now able to control many of the feeble minded Acolytes of Light. Something that always bother me though was for some reason I was never able to enter your thoughts Grim. I know you would never betray Pelor and I can have you stand in my way. Dain raises dagger overhead. blinding light. Grim wakes finding his wound completely gone and when he looks around finds himself in Free City of Greyhawk!

Grim Battlebeard

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