Jet Shan

R.I.P, Death by Ghoul Horde


Jet Shan

5’11 Olympic built human male
Age: 23
Current Stats
Level 3 Character
1 Monk/ 2 Warlock

Hit Points: 29
AC: 18
STR: 12
DEX: 20
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 16
CHA: 14
Initiative: +10
Feats: Alert
Saves: Strength + 3, Dexterity: +7, Wisdom: +5, Charisma: +4

Monk Talents: Unarmored Defense, Martial Arts

Warlock Abilities: Spells, Fiend Pact
Spell Casting Save DC: 12
Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation
Spells: Hex, Armor of Agathys, Command
Eldritch Invocations: Devil Sight, Mask of Many Faces

Weapons: Shortsword 1d6+5, Unarmed Strike 1d4 +5
Spell attacks: Eldritch Blast 1d10 (Ki Blast)


Jet Shan grew up as a orphan street urchin in the streets of Greyhawk it hard upbringing that was either steal or starve . In order for him to survive he utilized his natural agility to become a competent burglar, able to break into many place. As a teenager his exploits caught the attention of local gangs to employ him. Jet finally found his place in the Mooncat Sons a group of scoundrels and smugglers like Jet often sent to procure items of interest. After years of successful engagements the Sons were about to make a name for themselves for a small gang. They took a major job that will get the gold to be a established guild from a mysterious patron wanting to the acquire some statuettes from a remote mausoleum. The Sons made it to the antechamber in the depths of the mausoleum which contain their prize. But suddenly the mysterious patron and several robed figures slithered out the darkness and revealed that they were priests of Nerull the god of murder. The Mooncat Sons tried to distract the priests but were held fast by their magic and some summoned demons as well. They were using the Mooncat Sons members as sacrifices to summon more demons for the cultists. Jet and his partner Hedgekey managed to escape and flee to the surface but are captured by the demon spawns just outside the entrance in the mausoleum. By fortune a group of monks from the Magni Order arrive just as Jet is being dragged back underground and liberated him from him captors. Jet asked the monk leader known as Shigar to let him join them in attacking the cabal as he wanted to fight the demons who are responsible for slaughtering his friends in the depths of mausoleum. Jet explains that he suspects the demons are being summoned to build an army for these cultists. Shigar agrees to permit Jet to accompany them, he will join them in killing the Nerull cultists in the mausoleum to avenge his friends sacrificed and barely manage to rescue his partner Hedgekey.

Afterwards Jet intends to go back Greyhawk to attempt to reform the Mooncat Sons with Hedgkey, but will have to start from nothing. Shigar persuaded Jet to join the Dusk Fists to after noticing skills and untrained abilities. instead of remaining in a life of crime, since he could change his life to combating demons and with his ties with the underworld he could help them. Jet sent the rest of teens in the main shrine in the northern mountains from Greyhawk learning the ways of the Dusk Fist monks. He wondered how the monks could peer in the darkness with no issues or project waves of destructive force from a distant. Once he completed his adept training he was inducted into the secret of the Dusk Fists. The monks have to consuming the blood of demon to help them fight evil on there terms and gain some of their resilience. But the blood ritual could kill the disciple or corrupt them all together. Jet survives the blood ritual and becomes a Initiate of the Dusk Fists. Shigar gave his first assignment as a Initiate to assist with merchant matters in Greyhawk. Jet returned to Greyhawk and got back in touch with Hedgekey to seek out Shigar’s contact.

Jet Shan

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