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Welcome to Greyhawk!

This is a new D&D 5E campaign set in the World of Greyhawk after the Greyhawk Wars campaign. I’ll be making heavy use of GR material from all timelines as well as a lot of classic 1E D&D dungeons/modules and many of my own design as well.

Characters are now 4th level and have cleared most of the original cairn they investigated.

The story so far. The party all arrived in The Free City of Greyhawk from various place throughout Oerth. They heard numerous stories about the gem caravans being attacked/raided by goblins and other creatures. They sought out information at The Black Dragon Inn with the merchant’s guild of Greyhawk. There they encountered several merchants, one of which is named Marcus Dragonstorm. He was attacked on his way to Greyhawk and had his gems and other effects beyond some things his one surviving henchman saved stolen. He was also left for dead by the raiders. They apparently were led by a huge man in black full plate armor wielding a huge black sword. The goblins apparently took over an ancient burial tomb in the Cairn Hills and have since expanded it. Several attempts to stop them have met with no success.

The party didn’t waste much time and decided to take up the offer given to them by the guild which was 100 gp each for the job with some money for proof of the goblin deaths and other evil dealt with. Return the stolen gems and property and keep the rest.

They spent several days traveling and encountered several goblin and orc patrols in the Cairn Hills. They found the orcs/goblins might be trying to unite for some greater purpose. They gave a message to a patrol from Greyhawk to warn the city and possibly the region. They saw a huge roc flying over the area hunting, but didn’t bother to attack it. Right before reaching the lair they encountered a few dwarven miners who apparently ran afoul of the goblins and warned them of the possible orc/goblin alliance. The dwarves told of a lost comrade, a hero known as Thorin Stormwolf. They assume he’s dead, but asked the heroes to reclaim his body and or belongings and return them to the dwarven realm to the west of Greyhawk City where the gem mines are.

Upon reaching the tomb, the mage decided to investigate a fallen/ruined statue at the entrance. He nearly got ambushed by goblins hiding and that set off a small chain of events. The goblins fought bravely and sounded a warning horn which alerted the lair. The party fought off several caverns of goblins including a shaman leading them.

After several forays into the cairn they discovered foul denizens of all sorts including goblins, orcs, worgs, giants, ogres, a troll, devious spiders and deadly undead. They killed many foes and found some treasure. The wizard parted ways and they lost some other companions. They rescued Thorin Stormwolf and a lady of high caliber who they returned to Greyhawk and the dwarf returned to his homeland.

Alas, Jet Shan, one of the bravest and most formidable members of the party fell in their last foray into the dark cairn. The brave monk died by a ghoul pack. The party fled and decided not to return. They found new companions in Greyhawk, collected their rewards and decided to investigate the ruins of Castle Greyhawk after they escort a payment for the gems mined by the mining sites back to the mining site of Blackstone. They hope to perhaps meet some of their dwarf friends there as well. Along the way they were harassed by various monsters including a wyvern, trolls, ogres and the like. They encountered bad weather and disasters as well.

Home Page

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